Here is a list of baking eqipment I always use when I am baking.

The most useful bit of baking equipment in my kitchen has to be a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. These mixers allow you to easily multitask while you are baking compared to when you use an electric hand whisk.


If you are looking for for a lower cost stand mixer then here is the next best option. It will do extactly the same job as the Kitchen Aid!

Off set spatulas are really useful for when you are trying to get nice smooth sides and tops when icing/frosting cakes. They are also useful when smoothing out cake batter, this helps to get a flat top on a cake.

Turn tables make icing/frosting a cake so much easier to get smooth buttercream sides.

When making genoise sponge cakes the eggs needs to be whisked over a double boiler. Instead of whisking air into cake batter by hand an electric whisk will save you a lot of time.

A piping kit makes decorating cakes and cupcakes so easily!

It is always useful to have a couple of these sqeeze bottles handy, I like to use them when I make my drip cakes.

Digital thermometers will help you accurately measure the temperatures of your syrups and caramels. they are even more useful when deep fat frying where you have to keep on eye on the temperature of the oil.